We are often asked “Can your coach provide tutoring if needed?”  The answer is, “Of course we can!”

StudySpot coaches have their own area of expertise, but all could be considered ‘generalists’ with regard to their ability to help students with subject material.  All coaches have strong and successful academic backgrounds and will be able to provide tutoring support when needed across course material, especially for students in middle and early high school.

We do not use our own curriculum as we teach, practice, and develop organization and study skills using the students current school work.  We apply reading, note taking, and test preparation skills to the students’ ongoing homework, tests and assignments.  In this way, we are able to provide the short-term content support students need, along with the long term skill development that will be required for future and long-lasting success.

For those students with concerns about a specific course, our coaches can focus their attention on that course to show how effective organization and study skills can have a positive impact on their results.  Subjects such as English, and textbook courses such as Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Geography, are appropriate for this type of focused support.

All students will eventually encounter course material or academic concepts that they do not immediately understand.  What happens then?  StudySpot coaches will demonstrate in their words and actions how to handle confusion or uncertainty about course material.  The first reaction should not be to ‘ask the teacher’ and shift the responsibility for learning to the teacher or tutor.  Instead, our efforts are just beginning.  Students learn how to overcome obstacles and develop problem solving skills by utilizing tools such as class texts, notes and online resources where applicable.  Ultimately, our goal is to equip our students with the ability to learn for themselves, and our coaches will demonstrate this within the ‘real’ content of the students actual school work.

In short, we support this independent learning process by demonstrating how skills are applied to the subject matter where the student struggles.  Together, the student and coach solve problems and improve understanding in course material, the goal of all tutoring sessions.

What people are saying about us

  • I would like to thank our coach and your organization for giving my son a great opportunity to improve. He is much more responsible now and understands the importance of working hard as well as how to work and organize himself.

    Chieko(mother of grade 10 student)
  • Thanks for your good work with our son – I believe we are starting to see some positive changes and improvements. He seems to have a positive attitude overall and he is getting at his work on his own initiative which is good to see.

    David(father of grade 12 student)
  • Our daughter feels much more confident and on top of her work and comments often about how strong her marks have become. She feels that her sessions with you have been a big reason for the turn around.

    Sharon(mother of grade 8 student)
  • Thank you very much for providing such a very helpful facility for my daughter. She has benefited so much from the program, not only for her present situation but I think for life. Your coaches were excellent and they gave her the motivation, guidance, self-confidence and self-esteem that she lacked.

    Sandora(mother of grade 12 student)
  • Our coach works hard with our son in helping him approach his academic studies with more maturity, effectiveness and independence. Our son has responded well to his mentors coaching and guidance.

    Barbara(mother of grade 11 student)