If math struggles are a new problem, it could be a sign that the student has not adapted to the increase in difficulty or the pace of work.  Students who have experienced success in math with minimal effort, may not have developed the habits and skills to manage the increased demands of the curriculum.  Inconsistent homework completion and passive study habits are often at the root of this problem, and this is especially true for students transitioning into high school.

For these students, math tutoring – though likely helpful in the short term – will not address the underlying causes of their challenges.  It may even undermine students’ confidence as thoughts of “I used to be good at math, but now I need a tutor” begin to take hold.

Our coaches will encourage students to apply more effective strategies to improve math results.  Improved time management skills, doing “homework with integrity”, and active test preparation can all have an immediately positive impact while maintaining students’ confidence in their own ability to be successful.

Coaches and students work together to solve problems and further comprehension. Students will learn how to ‘battle harder’ when something does not come easy, and how to be resourceful in their efforts to understand complex concepts.  Students will also learn to recognize when they really do need to ask for outside help and see the teacher for additional support.

What people are saying about us

  • I would like to thank our coach and your organization for giving my son a great opportunity to improve. He is much more responsible now and understands the importance of working hard as well as how to work and organize himself.

    Chieko(mother of grade 10 student)
  • Thanks for your good work with our son – I believe we are starting to see some positive changes and improvements. He seems to have a positive attitude overall and he is getting at his work on his own initiative which is good to see.

    David(father of grade 12 student)
  • Our daughter feels much more confident and on top of her work and comments often about how strong her marks have become. She feels that her sessions with you have been a big reason for the turn around.

    Sharon(mother of grade 8 student)
  • Thank you very much for providing such a very helpful facility for my daughter. She has benefited so much from the program, not only for her present situation but I think for life. Your coaches were excellent and they gave her the motivation, guidance, self-confidence and self-esteem that she lacked.

    Sandora(mother of grade 12 student)
  • Our coach works hard with our son in helping him approach his academic studies with more maturity, effectiveness and independence. Our son has responded well to his mentors coaching and guidance.

    Barbara(mother of grade 11 student)