Barrie, Ontario

Cindi Keenan lives in Midhurst, Ontario and is a certified math and science teacher. She has 13 years of experience in both the public and private, educational settings and is excited to be offering Academic Coaching to Barrie and surrounding area students.

Cindi grew up in Simcoe County, participating in many school sports and playing softball, a family tradition, during the summers.  Recipient of the prestigious NSERC scholarship while pursuing her Master’s of Science in Physics, she co-authored numerous academic research papers while studying at Laurentian University.  During this time Cindi traveled to Australia and New Zealand, as a member of the Canadian Moose ice hockey team, to promote women’s hockey.

Cindi obtained her Bachelor’s of Education in 2000, changing the direction of her life. Cindi returned to Barrie to work as a certified math and science teacher. Over the past 16 years she has inspired her students, friends and family members to be lifelong learners and embrace opportunities to become actively involved in their communities. You can find Cindi at arenas around Barrie, as the trainer for her daughter’s hockey team, or at elementary school sporting events, as a volunteer coach with her son’s volleyball team.

Having taught and tutored a variety of levels and abilities of mathematics at the high school level, Cindi accepted the challenge of teaching in an Alternative learning environment and eventually brought her skills into Adult and Continuing Education. Through clear and well thought out presentations, activities and discussions Cindi inspired many math anxious individuals to succeed and excel academically and personally.  Cindi then moved into a role as the math teacher at a local private school whose students are busy athletes.  Many classroom discussions focused on ensuring the students were learning time management skills to complete homework and assignments, taking effective notes, reading textbooks effectively, studying with purpose and staying organized. Helping the students to succeed and understand the role of academics alongside their busy extra-curricular activities was a priority for Cindi during her time at this private school.

Cindi’s ability to synthesize information from the world around her was key to her recent success as a post-grad student in the Research Analyst Program at Georgian College; receiving the Ipsos Reid John Fryer Research Award for excellence in research design, execution, analysis and reporting.

Cindi’s core belief in strong work habits has led her to become an Academic Coach with StudySpot Educational Services.  She is excited to be offering Academic Coaching to Barrie and surrounding area students; working one on one with students to provide them with the opportunity to achieve academic excellence and become more effective students overall.